Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Noodle House

So yesterday when my mom picked me and my little brother up from school she suggested we have lunch at a restaurant and asked me what i wanted to have for lunch and i told her we should try noodle house..i heard their new branch had just opened up in the new olympia thats where we headed too...

I really liked the decoration and atmosphere..too bad i didnt have my camera with me because i had just came from school..but i did have my phone so i took some pictures of the food..

For appetizers:

Vegetable spring rolls..ofcourse i would order this cause i've been so obsessed with them more (here)

It was actually pretty good but i think i like the one from intown just a little bit more..but i would still order it again ;) 
Price-2.200 Kd

Wasabi Prawns..both my mom and little brother loved this dish and it was their favourite from everything we ordered.

They really reccommend it.
Price-3.100 Kd

Main Course:

Spinach & Vegetable Dumpings..this was my main dish order and when i got it the colour kind of scared me ;p

It was stuffed with mushrooms,corn and carrots and it actually tasted REALLY good! :D
I would reccomend it.
Price-1.600 Kd

Bakmi Goreng Noodles..this was my mom's dish, she really liked it.
I tasted the noodles alone and thought it was ok.
Price-3.600 Kd

Crispy Chicken..This is my little brothers dish from the kids menu, he ate half of it there and took the rest take away..he didn't like it much, he preferd the prawns.
Price-2.100 Kd

I really liked the food and there are some great dishes on the menu..if you haven't tried it already i would reccommend it! :D

They are located in Olympia Mall in Salmiya next to American University Of Kuwait.

Check out their website: 
And their facebook page:

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