Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eating Healthy-Part 1

Before starting this post i want to say that it is going to be about eating healthy and i am in no way a professional in any way and I’m not stating to be! After A LOT of research and hard work of making this post that many people requested for me to do, I am doing it and a lot of people can just go and research like I did but I made it a little easier for some people to put it together if they are interested. If you don’t want to read it then you don’t have to! You can just exit the page and wait for the next post that you are interested in reading but please don’t leave any negative and hurtful comments! Thank You!

In this modern time I think that there is a lot of pressure for being thin and for me that’s not really the message that deserves to be given for the later generations because I don’t think its about the looks or about how stick thin you are but about how healthy you are!
If you eat healthy and your body is healthy then I don’t think it’s very necessary to be stick thin.
The problem I’ve had is with eating food that is not so healthy. After I became a vegetarian I definitely lost some weight and I actually chose this lifestyle because I wanted to not because I was forced to and I didn’t do it to lose weight but it really did help me with losing some weight.
A vegetarian lifestyle is different than people who choose to eat meat but even with the different food lifestyles. I think it’s sometimes hard to lose weight with both because of some bad choices with food that is unhealthy and the lack of exercise.

1. If you can, check the calories on the food your eating
This doesn't mean that you should obsess over everything you eat and if the number is high that you shouldn’t eat it! It just means be responsible with what you eat. You can eat what you like but you are the only person that can stop yourself and you should know when to stop and say enough is really enough!

2. Fatty foods are not always bad for you
Your body needs fat to get energy but again, don’t forget that you are the only one that can stop yourself and if you eat too much, that’s when it really starts to build up the bad fats and getting excess that you really don’t want or need.

3. Exercise

Eating healthy will give you some health benefits, but you won't achieve the full benefits possible unless you exercise. Exercising doesn't have to be hard, and you don't even have to try so hard. Just go for a short 30 minute walk four times a week and it will greatly improve your health. Start out slowly, if you must.
I really like to jump rope and I start with 25 jumps and add 5 each time till I get to 100. Anyway that you can exercise whether it’s swimming or at the gym than do what you like best.

*Part 2 coming soon*



  1. OMG.. this is my presentation! I was talking about eating habits and healthy lifestyles and I used the same "The balance of good health" picture in my presentation. Its like u were there.

    Deciding to go on a diet is easy. But sticking to it is difficult to some. However I dont have a problem with it, been on a diet for a while this is the 5th week. el7emdellah. I think what men need is exercise and they'll eventually eat more healthy stuff. But hey, over 75% of losing weight y3temed 3ala eldiet.

    I think you can contribute/help by giving away healthy or better alternative food. For example lama ana ashtehi pizza, its difficult to squeeze a slice of pizza in my diet plan. however, I can have an alternative "pizza toast": Toast, ketchup, mozerrela cheese and microwave/toast it blfern and its done. It's healthier w much more akhaf!

    I have no idea why I wrote all of that, but hey, im just contributing :P

  2. Thank you for all your input, i agree with everything you said. And i do that same recipe 'the toast pizza' its actually really good! ;p

    I am going to have some recipes that are healthier than the ones i usually do, and part 2 is coming soon so i really hope you enjoyed this post.

    And i dont mind anyone contributing, write as much as you like! ;)

    Thank you for reading!