Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Favourite Vegetarian Dishes-Episode #2

Hello there..

So this is episode #2, its gonna be a salad and the reason i picked this one specifically is because the salad is just a traditional ceasar salad (which is my favourite salad to have) but the dressing is very light..you dont have that very thick mayonnaise which is so heavy..the salad is from salad boutique.

I really like the piece of bread that comes with it..and the salad is very good..if u dont like the ceasar salad because of the heavy dressing, i suggest try this one!
Price-2.900 Kd

Salad boutique is located in Jabriya, Al Shaab Albahry and Al Fintas
They also have a branch coming soon in the Avenues Mall.
To order give them a call: #22921355

Check out their website: http://www.saladboutique.com/
And their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SaladBoutique

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