Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: Cocoa Room's Breakfast

After my exam i passed by cocoa room next to slider station for breakfast.. i can very happily say that it may be the best breakfast I’ve had in a very long time!

The food was delicious, the staff was really friendly and very helpful, the service was a little slow but that is understandable since it just recently opened.

And what really impressed me was that all the food was fresh made, like i ordered a scramble egg burrito and it came wrapped in tortilla bread which is made fresh by the restaurant itself!

Ok, so the food:

I ordered the Scrambled Egg Burrito it's scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon (but i had the bacon removed) wrapped in homemade tortilla bread. SOO GOOD! I very rarely eat eggs and i dont order them anywhere because im always afraid that it might have a bad smell or bad aftertaste but this one is really delicious. The white sauce on the side just makes the whole dish even more perfect (i think its a yoghurt sauce.. not sure though.) The only note i have is that i wish they would put less onions because it is a bit too strong. It also comes with a side of baked beans:

My mom ordered the Poached Eggs and had it well done because she doesnt like it runny and she loved it. It comes with 2 bread slices and a side of hash browns:

And finally for dessert we had the Cinnamon French Toast and you may or may not know that i love french toast and i have a recipe of it which you can see (here) but this one is just delicious! I posted a picture of this on twitter for a sneak peek for this review. It comes with Maple syrup and a raspberry sauce.. and a scoop of cream cheese on top. You HAVE to try this.. both me and my mom loved it:

For drinks, i ordered fresh orange juice:

And that's the end of my review!

Cocoa room is located next to slider station in Al-Qibla, sea side.
Follow them on twitter: @CocoaRoom_

Thank You For Reading!

xoxo, Noura/YoungChefQ8


  1. WOW!! 3alaikom bil3aafya dear :)
    The cinnamon roll looks DLISH!

  2. Allah i3afeech! :D
    It really is soo good! ;p

  3. ISHAWIG 7ADA :)

    -7ESSA ;*~

  4. Bil3afia!
    Inshalla Ya3jibich! :D