Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Lofat's Talia Dessert

Hello Everyone,

You may know this if you follow me on twitter, but if you don’t then I entered Ansam518’s birthday competition and I won!!! :D
I won the competition sponsored by Lofat and the prize was to get their talia dessert that they recently released. It got sent straight to my house and as soon as I received it I started taking pictures.

It arrived in this small cute box.

So for the taste I actually really liked it.. I am a huge fan of custard desserts and this one didn’t disappoint me! :D 
It was also very light and it has only 195 calories per cup. (YESSS!!!!) :p
My little brother also got a spoonful for himself to try out, for a person who doesn’t like custard, he said it was pretty good!  ;)

It’s available in Faiha, Kaifan, Jabriya and Mishref supermarkets. Also, it is available in their lifestyle diet menu! :D
To order from Lofat give them a call: #22250650 (they deliver)

I really would like to thank Ansam and the Lofat group for the prize :D

Thank You All For Reading!

xoxo, Noura/YoungChefQ8


  1. sorry babes wallah forgot to congratulate you :*
    Mabrooook oo bil3aafya...
    Wanted to try this dessert min ziman. Shakli will give it a try soon :D

    Thanks for the review ;)

  2. It's okay..Thank You! :D
    You should, its really good!

    Your welcome! <3