Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is 'Young Chef Kuwait' about ?

So i started this blog because i love to bake and cook. I love adventures! Especially when they are in my kitchen..i love to create new recipes and visit different bakeries all around the world. That is what you are going to find in this blog..All different kinds of recipes and reviews of not only food but things i love! Even though this blog is based in Kuwait..(and that is where im from and that is where i live) i love to travel! So i really hope you enjoy your time in my blog! Thank You! :)

Oh, and if your wondering why my blog is called Young Chef Kuwait..that is because i am young! And i am still in highschool! If that is going to change your opinion about my blog then that is up to you! But i welcome everyone to read and enjoy!


  1. 1st of all i want to congratulate you on you Blog and its really neat and the recipes makes my stomach Roars for cakes and chocos

    2nd i dont care if you are in high school or kindergarten its your personality and your posts that run this blog not your age so to all ppl that think that defy ppl by there age i tell them to get lost because greatness cant be measured by age.

    3rd ok i am fat and you gonna make me fatter ... hope your conscious can handle the guilt lol

    all wishes for you and your blog for succesful long life and i am waiting for more recipes my wife already love the mud cake and intending of making one.

    Yours truly
    Ma6foog of 6ofaga.com

  2. Thank You so much! Your comment made my day..i am a big fan of your blog! :D

    That is what i was trying to explain, dont judge my blog because of my age! So thank you for understanding!

    I dont think i can handle the guilt..But at least your enjoying the website! ;p

    I'm really happy you like my blog, more recipes coming very soon! If you do end up making the mud cake please let me know how it turns out.

    Thank you once again :D, Noura/YoungChefQ8

  3. sure will do , but i cant guarantee how it will turn out ... and well .. iam half sure that we will burn the kitchen ;p crossing fingers

  4. Lol, GoodLuck! And if you have any questions regarding the recipe, pls dont hesitate to ask! :D