Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Sugar Daddy's Bakery - Dubai

I just came back from a trip to Dubai and it was so much fun! I got to try Sugar daddy's bakery in Dubai Mall. I read about it from danderma's blog. The place was very nice and also the decor was so pretty.
I ordered the red velevt cupcake and my mom ordered the nutella chocolate one. They both tasted delicious.
And we also had the red velvet whoopie pie which was REALLY good! Here are some pictures of the store and the cupcakes:

Their logo is really cute

They had so many different flavours to offer.

They also offer minis of every cupcake they have in the regular size.

Sorry that i didnt get a picture of the whoopie pie..i forgot to picture it! And i know the quality of the pictures arent so great because i had to use my mom's phone since i didnt have mine with me. And im getting a new camera very soon so hopefully pictures in the next posts will be much better. Thank You! :)

Danderma's Review: http://www.danderma.co/?p=8124 
Sugar Daddy's Website: http://www.sugardaddysbakery.com/

*The location i went to is inside Bloomingdales in Dubai mall on the lower ground floor.

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