Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Upcoming Posts

Hello Everyone,

I was planning to post another recipe today but i had to alot of studying to do. So i decided to write up this quick post for a little sneek peek of what you can expect from my blog and my upcoming posts.So for the first one and something im very excited about is a new series im starting and you may or may not know that im a vegetarian, i said that in one of my posts before but this series is going to be called: My Favourite Vegetarian Dishes. So basically im going to show you my favourite dishes from different restaurants in Kuwait. If i show a dish its gonna be a small description of the the dish with a picture and not a full review of that restaurant but of only the dish im showing. But i will still continue to do full reviews of restaurants and bakeries. And this series is going to be in episodes. Like if i do my first post with this series it'll be episode 1 and i'll show one or more of my favourite dishes from a restaurant.(I hope that made sense.) ;p

Anyways..i really hope you are all excited as i am..So here is more things that are coming up in my blog very soon..

  • Full reviews of bakeries and restaurants
  • More easy, quick and delicious recipes.
  • The new series: My Favourite Vegetarian Dishes
  • And many more..

*The new series may not only be of food in Kuwait..if i travel and get to take good pictures then i will for sure include them in this series. And the whole reason of this series is to recommend good quality and delicious food to everyone! :D

Thank you all so much for reading and for all the great support that you are giving me. It means alot..and this is something that i love to do!! :D

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xoxo, Noura/YoungChefQ8


  1. اولا ... عاوزين لحمه عاوزين لحمه
    .. ليش فجيتيريان ترا حلو الطلي لمه يقلونه وطبخونه ويقلبونه وحطونه بقلب العيش والمجبوووس ... الللللله شكلي قاعد اتنسى ههه
    we are anxiously waiting for the reviews and for all updates


  2. Lol, sorry! but i will still review some meat dishes with the help of my mom and little brother..i take the pics and they'll review! ;p

    Thank you, i hope your enjoying my blog so far! :D