Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: InTown Cafe

First of all I just wanted to start by saying that I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but school is almost finished and the end of year is always the hardest so I'm really trying my best to get a post up for you all. todays post is going to be a review about a cafe called intown..

They sell all different kinds of food but my favourite is their sushi..its really good!

As a vegetarian i always order veggie rolls but its never on restaurant menu's and i have to order it as a special extra roll but intown has it in their menu..and their spicy edemame is delicious!!!

So here are the pictures..

The food is really good and this time i had ordered delivery but i've been to the place before its very small but the staff are really friendly and the place is very clean and is shown to be very high in quality which i think is very important!

Veggie Roll:  2.250kd
Spicy Edamame:  1.750kd

They are also on the 6alabat's website for online home delivery:
Or you can order by phone #22497971

It is located in the mubarkiya area, right next to haleeb oo hail and cherriez .

I hope you enjoyed this review! :D

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