Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recipe: Chocolate Mud Cake + A BIG Thank You!!

First of all before i start i just wanted to give a BIG thank you to Bluetiful Nostalgia and Frankom for posting about my blog on their websites. That is so kind and very sweet of them. And i am a huge fan of both of their blogs and i read them all the time so it is very exciting for me.

Now, todays recipe is going to be on my very famous chocolate cake.

*I never thought i was going to give anyone this recipe because whenever i make it for a party or family gathering..they ALWAYS ask me for the recipe but i always told them that its top secret. they'll now.

Its actually VERY easy to make and its soo delicious. So here you go..


1 box Chocolate cake (yes, i am cheating and using ready made cake but in the next few posts i will write a post dedicated to making a chocolate cake from scratch.)

4 Galaxy Bars (Plain)

4 Aero Bars

Oero, 2 packets.

Mini Marshmallows (As much or little as you want to add)


1.Slice the chocolate cake and place it on the bowl or plate that you are using.(One box is enough for 1 layer..If you want an extra layer of cake then use 2 boxes.)

2.Add the marshmallows and spread it out.

3.In a bowl..break the aero and galaxy chocolate and melt it.(i find that the microwave is the fastest way for me but you can melt it whatever way you want.) Then evenly spread it on the cake.

4.Break the oreo into small chunks and evenly spread it on to the cake.

5.Just before serving..put the cake into the oven for 3-5 minutes on low heat. It will heat the cake and melt the marshmallows. (Make sure that you dont put it for more than 5 minutes because the cake at the bottom will burn.)

*There is no egg in this cake so thats why the oven time is very short and only needs to be heated.

If you do try out this cake please let me know in the comments and thank you for reading.
Keep an eye out for the next post very soon! ;)

 xoxo,    Noura/Young Chef Q8


  1. WOAH!!!! This one should be eaten on an empty stomach!! YYUMM

    shkilha kha6eeeeeeer

    tislam eedich dear :)

    and you are more than welcome sweetie... I really LOVE your blog and wish you all the luck! you deserve it ;)