Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nino's Desserts

I have been going to nino for years and have tried so many different things from their menu but never their desserts. I recently went before Ramadan and saw that they had a new menu and after we finished the food we really wanted dessert but didn’t know where to go so we saw the desserts and ordered. I saw that they had crème brulee and I ordered that because it is my all-time favorite dessert. We also ordered the banana fried rolls. (Not sure what it’s called)

The fried banana roll came with a side of icecream and the crème brulee was very creamy and both tasted very good in my opinion. If you haven’t tried nino’s dessert than I would recommend it! :D

Nino is located in the avenues phase 1 and also by the seaside on gulf street.
Telephone: 22541900, 22597379.

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