Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My trip to Turkey :)

I know i havent posted in a while but it was because i was in Istanbul, Turkey and i was busy packing that i didnt have enought time to post before i went. I had no internet connection while i was there so i didnt get a chance to post there either. However, i did bring my camera along and i thought i would share some pictures.

I'm sure you all know the KDD icecream sandwitch ? Well in Turkey they have it in Kinder flavour!! Delicious!!!

The familiar face of starbucks coffee ;)

We went to a really good restaraunt called happily ever after.

They have a corner with delicious baked goods.
We also had breakfast there:

There is a really good restautant called Mado which we went to a couple times for breakfast.

They also have a baked section with arabic desserts. I highly recommend. Their ice-cream is so good!

And here are some pictures to show the wonderful views of Turkey:

It was my first time in Turkey and i had an amazing time there.

I will have some new posts up soon.
Thank you for reading! :D